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Yes this is the point. If you haven't found something on the page, go find it in other sources and just add it on the page. For yourself first of all, because next time you will need it, it will be easily accessible and easy to find. Even if you afraid page will be unavailable for some reasons, you always can save it on your machine, then open in browser and use even without internet. ]]>
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Page updated
– Page now works in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.
– Many visual bugs fixed.
– Caching improved. Page should open much faster after one visit.
– Edit mode is now default again for the first visit.
– Search mechanism improved. Current search word becomes obsolete if you scroll the page, click on the page, move between keyword places (with arrows or F3). So if you will start typing after these actions, new search will be invoked even if the current search word is still visible in the corner. ]]>
http://ruby.on-page.net Fri, 18 Jun 2010 12:18:27 +0300
Thanks for remembering! here, I noticed a spike of visits on site and was very glad to see that somebody still remembers this page :) So now I am going to work with some browser compatibility, to fix some visual bugs, broken functionality and some search mechanism.

Also there was few questions from Noxn:

» Is this dead?
No, but it is not my main project now, so it still waits for better times.

» Why is there only a ruby "wiki"?
Because I made it with Ruby and Rails :) Others will be when project will be really done.

» Who moderates it?
Just me for now.

» How comes its not popular?
I never populate it. Just link on Wikipedia and post on Ruby group. But the real reason I think is in innovation + bad realization, bad filling and bad support :)

I suppose this page is to strange to use for average user. Most of visitors never read even annotation on top of the page. So they open the page, don't see any search input field, become confused, close page and never comes back :) Also users don't know, what exactly they can find on page. For example it is hard for me to remember all Regular Expression things, like options /i, /o, (?>, (?=, variables like $&, $=, $`, or things like [:upper:], [:alnum:], \W, \D. Or things like %q{, %Q{, <=>, or all substitutions in strftime (%A, %m, %X), or Environment Variables ($0, $", $?, …). So I added these things on page, I know that they live there and I use them very often, but others don't even know, that they are there :)

Bad realization:
Some solutions I have used are not the best (like Flash editor). So they work quite strange, slow and unstable. And this is the main reason to rebuild all from scratch.

Bad filling:
Nobody wants to take a part to fill it with data… everybody wants to have a ready product and for free :( But I have only 2 hands, so my filling is quite weak.

Bad support:
Browsers engines change in time, so it needs periodically to check if all works fine. I didn't do it. So as a result, now there are many visual and functional bugs…

» Also, it would be really great if you could release the source, always liked "1 page"-wikis.
It was my first RoR project and even first experience of Ruby programming. So the source is really ugly :( There is nothing to release. But I really have plans to rebuild it from scratch, and for many languages and then it would become open source.

Thanks for the questions to Noxn, and many thanks for all feedbacks I've received on my email or via the guest book on page! ]]>
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Works fine in the Google Chrome http://ruby.on-page.net Sun, 16 Aug 2009 00:14:31 +0300 Switching view/edit mode You can switch between modes by pressing F2 (last chosen mode will be remembered). ]]> http://ruby.on-page.net Wed, 04 Apr 2007 21:41:35 +0300 "Scripts loaded" indicator http://ruby.on-page.net Wed, 14 Mar 2007 14:49:10 +0200 Case-sensitive matching http://ruby.on-page.net Tue, 13 Mar 2007 09:38:02 +0200 ? Does it have an undelete or version control feature http://ruby.on-page.net Mon, 12 Mar 2007 21:47:32 +0200 Paste & search http://ruby.on-page.net Mon, 12 Mar 2007 12:20:35 +0200 Evolution began
The first thing you have to do is to google it or to use the index of .chm or just Ctrl+F thru some manuals or pages... and as a result you have a lot of garbage and you need to search again for some useful sample or description.

On-page.net – is an attempt to reduce the garbage and give to you just what you really need.

The idea is this: only one page with information blocks. Each block can describe from one to a few keywords. All the keywords are marked(indexed) by block creator (No machine index and search! Closer to Web 3.0). Every visitor can add, modify and/or delete a block, but all changes will be pre-moderated.

As a result, you have a page where you can find a useful sample or a description of any keyword or symbol, just by typing it right in your browser. You don't even need to use Ctrl+F... and you can navigate between keyword places via arrows or F3.

Ruby.on-page.net – is just the beginning of new level of online help. For now it is just a beta version of the engine and for only one language – Ruby (includes just some scraps from "Programming Ruby"). Now I am trying to improve the functionality, stability and performance of the interface. Also, it must work cross-browser and support many languages and localizations. What I really need now is your advice and ideas, or any feedback that can help me to make it better and useful. Try not to concentrate on bugs and errors, but think about what is good and what is bad...

You can mail me (yura.des@gmail.com) or you can use the feedback form on the site's page.

And you can try it right here — http://ruby.on-page.net ]]>
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